facetheball now takes the hassle out of fundraising for sports clubs.
All you need to do is get players to regster and join the club's fund raising mini league competition.
We will do the rest of the work for you, it's that simple !!!

How It Works
The Club Mini League adminstratror creates a Fundraising Mini League on facetheball.

The mini league code to join the club mini league is emailed to the Mini League administrator.

The Club contacts facetheball at and indicates what entry fee they would like to set for the Fundraising Mini League and on what week number they would like their mini league competition to start.

This Entry fee and start week number is set up by facetheball for the Mini League.

The club mini league administrator circulates the mini leagus code to the club members.

As players are joining the Mini League they will then pay the Mini League fee with their debit or credit card.

The mini league competition then starts on the week number requested by the club.

The mini league competition entry fees collect are then transferred to the club's bank account by facetheball once the mini league competition starts.

It's that simple !!!

Scores Update
The mini leagues competition scores are updated after all fixtures for the gameweek are completed

Start Week
The clubs decides what week the mini league will start.
Some clubs may decide to run a shorter competition and start on week 5 or 6 of the overall competition"

The cost of running a fund raising mini league on facetheball is €70.
This fee is deducted from the competition entry fees that are transferred to the club's bank account once the competition starts.

Competition Prizes
It is the responsibility of the club to decide on the mini league competition prizes.
It is the responsibility of the club to distribue theses mini league competition prizes to the prize winners.
facetheball has no responsibility for the setting or distrubution of mini league competition prizes.

Secure Payments
For secure payemnts on the site, uses Symantec SSL authentication and
the Stripe payment system.

For more informattion on running a fundraising mini league competition on facetheball contact

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